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Ok, my 650 Ti is installed, ran for a total of 13 hrs yesterday (not in a row, I don't play when the kids are home/awake and I stayed up WAY too late). All settings set to high, all options turned on, ran at 58-60 in instances, 54-59 on moderatly poplulated worlds, 49-55 on full fleet, and only had a dip into the 30s while riding a Thranta through the forest of Alderaan and openning up my legacy window character tab.

Mind you I still have nameplates turned off on everything but enemy faction players, and when I ran Ilum, I did notice a drop when I ran across an enemy player, but it was so quick, I didn't see what it dropped to.

BTW, EA, you have a beautiful game here, it's a shame that you have to have such up-to-date equipment to even appreciate it properly. Kudos to the design department and code monkeys (where ever they may be). This was almost a whole new game going from low-med settings to max. I actually got lost on Belsavis (after running dalies and weeklies for the last two months) because I didn't recognize where I was. And died more than once appreciating the view.
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