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Title pretty much says it all. Are crafting skills necessary to be successful in-game?

My main at the moment is a high-30s Merc with all crew skills of the gathering variety: scav, slice, and UT. For the most part I just sell everything I get from crew missions and for the most part, the missions seem to pay for themselves.

I've recently started a couple of other toons and have yet to allocate crew skills for them. But honestly, crafting seems like a real pain in the butt. Is it worth the effort? Are there items that can be crafted that cannot be obtained any other way and are necessary for certain classes/roles to do their jobs effectively? Or can I just do all gathering and be just fine?
Specifically answering your questions:
- Crafting is not necessary to be successful. While leveling, quest rewards and flashpoint boss drops are more that sufficient to keep your characters geared. That being said, if you keep a crafting skill slightly over your level, and you RE to purple quality, there will be times when that purple crafted gear is superior to anything you can get at that level. This only makes questing and FPs a little easier.
- It is only worth the effort if you enjoy it (like any other aspect of this game). If you find it tedious, you will not maintain it and it will be a waste.
- there are no items, in this game, that can only be obtained through crafting. Most crafted items are BoE which means they can be sold/given to other characters. There are some crafted items that are BoP but most of them are obtainable by other means (i.e. most crafting skills allow you to craft Rakata level gear, that gear is also available by token drops in operations)