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I struggled between responding in a like fashion to your snarky dig, and giving you an honest response.


Okay, now that that's done.

The high-end crafting is a recent activity for me (as in only the last 3 weeks or so), but I've been playing the game for a year. Early on, which I first hit 50 and I was trying to understand what seemed to be a bewildering gear progression, I eventually figured out the rules the devs had set up.

It seemed to me this was designed to make it difficult to get good gear in the game, which would (in an ideal world) encourage people to get together to tackle end-game operations. Coming from a purely single-player background, and never having been in an MMO before, this was a bit of a carrot-on-a-stick for me to try out the "M" in what had been a mostly solo experience.

I discovered that I enjoyed end-game raiding, and the groups I hung out with. I liked the complexity of the gear, as it gave me something to figure out. Sites like AskMrRobot gave me something to fiddle around with to see how gear worked together. And the theorycrafters at mmo-mechanics had insights into how to optimize one's build, priority list and gear.

When 1.2 dropped and BH/Campaign gear was out, it was the first end-game gear (other than some Columi schems) that could be crafted. It was difficult to learn as a 20% chance to RE hard-won gear wasn't always an easy choice.

When 1.3 dropped and the GF handed out BH comms like candy, it was easier for people to spend extra comms to buy extra gear just for the chance to learn the schem.

When 1.5 dropped and Dread Guard was added, the raiders that got through the new content had a chance of learning to craft the top tier gear. Seemed like a good reward to me.

I like the idea that gear isn't easy to get. You either have to run operations, do lots of group finder FPs, or make a ton of money to buy the gear off of the gtn. I also like the idea that the gear schematics are even harder to get. It's a personal preference, sure.

Somehow, I gather you're going to write this opinion off as some sort of character flaw that I'm either elitist or am happy to gouge others on the gtn. If it tempers your view in this matter, I craft lots of gear just for mats, even for strangers.

Basically, the devs presented a ruleset for gear in the game. I decided to play by the rules. You want to change the rules to make top-level gear obtainable with practically no effort. Seems lazy to me. Why not work for your reward? I suppose it's a good thing the ArtMoney hacks don't work on SWTOR or you just might magik yourself up some credits, too?

(I guess I lost my struggle against a snarky response)
Although I disagree with the concept of what you are saying, I read your comments with respect until the last paragraph where you called non raiders lazy. You may want to rethink that. People do not raid for many reasons and "effort impairment" is the least of them.

I have played since early access and very quickly (through effort and cost) had every crafting skill leveled to 400. I do not raid and so my crafting was topped out and has been at a dead end for a very long time. My many many experiences of runs of fails that number 30 or above in REing 20% schematics has discouraged me from throwing untold millions to get one higher level schematic through the buy and RE route.

To many of us, crafting is crafting and not raiding. If we have to raid to craft then we are excluded and can never be a top level crafter or gear our characters out with anything better than fourth best ins slot. Yes, we can buy some of the mods from raiders who also craft, but if you have multiple characters even a ton of credits will not do it.

So indeed the devs can set any rule system in place that they want. The system as it now exists is just a variation of raid or die from WOW and for many it just does not do it because if they do not raid, it excludes them, limits them and makes them forever second or third rate. To me that is not a good thing in a non niche game that wants to maintain a significant number of subs.

tl:dr - I am a crafter, not a raider and would like to be able to craft to the highest level possible.