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I purchased a bunch of spare schematic sets before the servers went down for the 1.6 update - I think the only duplicate set I don't have is the Jedi Knight stuff. I was hoping to hang onto these for longer to let them appreciate in value, but maybe we can work out a deal? Send an in-game message to Milandur (Republic toon), and we can work out details.
I don't plan on paying the ridiculous amounts that people are charging. (Aka, 5m per piece or even 1m per piece) so if you want that kind of money, keep looking. If not, I'm willing to work out something. Bear in mind that if I didn't want the ability to craft them for myself, each made piece sells for like under 100k per so it's not like I couldn't ever get them again. I just want them as a convenience to myself and friends.

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the schematics are BOP. So you couldn't sell them if you wanted to.
No... the schematics themselves are not BOP when you open the box containing them. Only the box is.