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Listen to Ridickilis. He speaks truthfully. I've recently been messing about with my Bounty Hunter and went through quite a few missions, then went back to my ship to head off to another planet and was greeted with a funky triangle where Mako, your first BH companion, is stood. I spoke to her and got some XP and after leaving the conversation, was greeted by another triangle above her noggin. This carried on about four or five times in total, one after the other until she gave me some mission or other to do that I was a good 5 levels shy of.
She wittered on about some stuff that had happened during the previous missions so I assume that I'd got her affection up nicely, but too early in terms of the story and was made to wait till a certain time in the storyline before furthering the side stuff with her. It'll happen, but it might be all at once.
Rest in peace little pixel. Your memory will live on.
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