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What Ridickilis said is right. when I get my companions I take them to the fleet and feed them gifts till they have 6k affection... Then I stand there talking to them saying the options that gain the most affection xD
for my starter companions that means I go through all of their Act1 conversations after leaving Dromund Kaas/Coruscant xD
Then I have to wait till Act 2 before I get any more which by then they have 8k+ affection and I go through most of their conversations (there didn't seem to be as many on my 8k+ affection companion, so I'm hoping some are progression based for that Act )

That said, if you were to get to Act 3 without gaining any affection with Vette, to then feed her gifts and max out her affection would unlock all of her conversations, not just the ones appropriate to your level of progression.
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