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The real problem with space combat is that it sucks! They should change space combat so that it is closer to star trek online.
Not the place for this debate.

Obviously the player wants to do the space combat as is. If you cannot help him then please move on.

Getting back on topic, as Fubarq said, sometimes the level of the mission, while strictly speaking doable by your level, is just beyond your level. Also I believe by the level you are at you could have acquired the ship upgrade that gives you the option of either having more powerful weapons or faster shield regen. This is an upgrade you have to actively switch. if you use your weapons while it is set to regen shields, your lasers will do almost no damage. So when you are firing your lasers you have to have it on more powerful lasers. The only time you should have it on shield regen is when you are not firing your lasers.