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02.06.2013 , 02:30 PM | #24
Verry annoying to get teamed up with people who only want the daily credit. The only real way to limit this is to increase the starting reward threshold in PvP to the point where players actually have to participate.

Currently you can do squat in a warzone and as long as you aren't vote-kicked you get credit for 1/4 or 1/2 of the daily. If that's enough for some people, there would have to be some minimum trigger for getting daily credit.

Let's say the devs change it so that you actually need 3 medals to start getting comms AND to get credit for the daily. There would probably be a massive outcry from those that are just there to farm., but they would at least have to do a little bit of defense/offense/healing/protection to get credit. Once they get 3 medals though, what's to stop them from just camping a node and effectively giving up? (not that hard to get 3 medals durring the first fight within a warzone).

I'd actually be in favor of a 5-medal gate to comms and daily credit, but I think that would be too large a barrier to people just starting out in PvP and would discourage them from further PvP.

Granted, if the PvP gear just didn't give out molecular stabilizers then that particular problem would be solved and we'd only see PvPers in warzones. It would seem, however, that the simpler (lazier) route was taken and the "materials" of all level 61-63 components in the game were made to be the same. An Advanced Reflex armoring 26 and a War Hero Reflex Armoring 26 are both made of molecular stabilizers as far as TOR is concerened. Unfortunately isn't even considered a bug, and the existing bugs in this game aren't being given all that high a priority.
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