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Do other quests rather than just the storyline. If you do all the quests on a planet before you leave you will be a few levels ahead of the "curve" and be fighting on planets where you are on the high side of the reccomended levels. If you can't complete a quest and can't find help try doing some other quests and come back in a level or 2. Also keep your gear current. Avoid greens if you can and use blues or purples. Run some flashpoints to help gear up. Also try to get an orange or other modifiable piece for each slot so you can keep upgrading it. (some can be found on the GTN for very reasonable prices). Many quests reward you with mods or armorings to put in them. Or you can spend your planetary comms a the mod vendor for the upgrades.

Last suggestion is try different tactics. Not all classes are good at standing toe to toe with mobs. Learn your skill and utalize them all effectively. Learn how to control your companion and to use them most effectively.

While leveling up, you can complete all the class quests and most all other content's just a matter of gear and level. But remember this IS a MMO game so Make a friend or 2.
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