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1. OPs are for 50s only?

2. what are the dailies and weeklies avalaible to non-50s?
There really isn't a list of the dailies and weeklies devoted to the non-50's. The planetary heroic 2-4+ missions are all considered to be dailies. The Dailys and weeklies received threw the terminal change dependent on level including which flashpoints you go to and which world bosses given to take down. The only daily which does not change for the pre-50 characters is the PVP daily from the terminal located within the pvp area of the fleet. There is also a group finder daily which grants coms planetary coms up until i believe level 47 when it switches to daily coms.

3. the rakghoul quest series is removed from the game, right?

4. I reported a char's name via right click on his portrait, but I don't see any created ticket.
You will not create a ticket this way. It just sends a generated report within the system about that character.
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