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I'm a little confused with the datacrons. I would like to unlock all the codex, can be collected all datacron regardless of class?
The order of the planets for collection would be for a marauder:
Korriban, Balmorra, Dromund Kaas ... etc but what happend with Hutta and other planets?
I appreciate a little explanation from this point of view.

Datacrons are available for all classes, faction specific. As a Marauder you can take your ship or shuttle to Hutta and collect the crons and codex entries no worries. The only thing you can't collect, as an Imperial (and it is NOT required or necessary) are the daracrons specific for Republic side. There are the starting and home planets plus a couple of others, and a few on contested planets, that are only available to that faction. You won't be able to collect them. Collecting all available Imperial datacrons will complete your Datacron Codex entries as an Imperial. Same for Republic characters.
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