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3)The Jedi Knight. This one is actually interchangeable with the warrior. This class did have cliche elements, but that was to be expected considerig how the class was marketed as filling a Luke Skywalker role. The story is successful at fuffling this end. While the story starts slow all of the acts have great scenes and the last to were exciting and fitting for the class. Also, this class has my favorite companion character.
Agreed. JK is basically a star wars movie that never happened.

8) Bounty Hunter. I've only reached Tattooine, but I have an idea as to what's to come. The class feels to repetitive. Act I and II are all about hunting bounties, and from my understanding act III is similar. While these missions do fit the class, the lack of variety makes the storyline unappealing.
Personally, the point of the BH story is to show that while allied with the empire, you still do your own thing. They did make a point to show that you're no one's lapdog.