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I've been a loyal Artificer since launch. I took a 9 month break from the game and came back around December and have been having a blast. Problem is, I'm starting to think I should dump Artificing (and Treasure Hunting and Archaeology), all of which are 400/400. I never use any of those abilities for my main character, a Jugg tank. I'm not in an end-game raiding guild, and just pug EC or TFB raids when I can. So I'm never going to use my Artificing to reverse engineer end-game equipment to learn level 26 or 27 enhancement schematics (I don't play enough to obtain excess of that level of gear to be able to reverse engineer it hoping for a schematic). And even then, I've got millions of credits, so its not like I have some burning desire to make more money by learning the level 26 or 27 schematics.

On the other hand, having reusable rakata level stims, med packs, etc. is very useful. Can anyone give me a good reason to keep Artificing, and not pick up Biochem/Bioanalysis/Diplomacy? Maybe some Artificing love in the near future (expansion) that might make it worth keeping?