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1) Imperial Agent. The storyline is the easiest one to become invested in. Most classes have some low points, but with the agent each section is equally exciting. I also like how the end of each act has some impact on the next and the storyling gives a unique perspective on the universe. Lastly, the agent has the widest variety of ending choices; the fact all of them are logical is even better.

2) Sith Warrior. This class does a great jobe at making you feel like a Sith. The prologue and act I do great jobs at getting the player into the role. The first act has one of my favorite conclusions in the game and it posses some great characters. Lastly, the final antogonist is perfect and is developed sufficiently to get the player invested in winning.

3)The Jedi Knight. This one is actually interchangeable with the warrior. This class did have cliche elements, but that was to be expected considerig how the class was marketed as filling a Luke Skywalker role. The story is successful at fuffling this end. While the story starts slow all of the acts have great scenes and the last to were exciting and fitting for the class. Also, this class has my favorite companion character.

4) Jedi Consular. This story is typically disliked, but I felt like it was good overall. Act I was repetitive and wasn't spectacular, but I still found it enjoyable. Act II was alright, but Balmora was really well done and makes the act very enjoyable. I did feel like Act III was very well done; especially Corellia.

5) Trooper. The story was fun and enjoyable through all of the acts, but none were spectacular. I was easily invested in the storyline for the first act. Act II did have a great moment (the finale) and the missions were very fiiting. I did like act III, but there was nothing that made it stand out, amongst the rest. The ending for the class quest was anti-climatic, but I feel that it was fitting.

6) Smuggler. Act I was amazing; it was a well done self contained story and very fititng for the class. This act contained very good character interactions. Sadly the last two aren't as good. While the planets in Act II were enjoyable individaully; there wasn't much of a unified plotline. Also, its conclusion, while fun, felt sort of disconnected. Act 3 improved slightly, but the plot wasn't as well developed as it should've been. I really enjoyed the smuggler's companions and the story was filled with good dialogue.

7)The Inquisitor. This story did not fit the class. It did have an enjoyable prologue and Act I was fitting. While it was repetitive it made sense that an apprentice would do missions like this. The last acts are where this story suffers. The main antagonist comes out of left field and, considering previous dialogue, the conflict didn't make sense give my characters personality. The rest of the story felt needlessly repetitive; Act II was a series of fetch quests, followed by a failure, then two more similar missions dealing with the effects of the missions in the previous act. In addition, this character does not come across as an intelligent and calculating Sith, wihich doesn't make for an interesting protagonist.

8) Bounty Hunter. I've only reached Tattooine, but I have an idea as to waht's to come. The class feels to repetitive. Act I and II are all about hunting bounties, and from my understanding act III is similar. While these missions do fit the class, the lack of variety makes the storyline unappealing.