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02.05.2013 , 03:09 PM | #1
Just wondering about companions affection. My companion told me bluntly that he would 'devour' me and that he is kind of sick of me etc, voicing kind of hatred.

His affection to me is like 15 or something, but I have not had him for all that long I am only lvl 11. I lost 30 affection points in one hit when I gave an answer to a 'Lord' that was the only reasonable answer I could give without getting me killed, and my companion did 'not like it' apparently.

Anyway, if a companion does not like you, is he only less effective or can he leave? Can he kill you and leave?

What is more important, keeping my companion happy or making sure that as an Imperial I do ot turn out to be too 'good' for my own good?