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My personal ranking of what I have played so far:

1: Sith Warrior : I love this story so much, that despite finishing my second two days ago. I have plans to make a third very soon. That is how much I love this story! It totally grabbed my attention, held on the entire 50 levels, AND made me think about how I'm playing my character.

2. Bounty Hunter: Again, something I plan to play a second time in the future. I just completely loved the story. It had all of the action, story, and twist and turns I wanted. After I my crew started filling up I really felt it was a "we're in this together" thing. Kind of like one big crazy family. I can't wait to play again! Just let me get rid of Skadge and I'm happy.

5. Sith Inquisitor: (Just started Chapter 3) Great story!! While I could see the twists and turns coming I agree with others. This is one of the rare stories where you, and your crew, are in this together. Plus, after my SI was finally able to trust again. She has ended up trusting everyone on her crew.

3. Imperial Agent: I would easily rank this as first if Chapter One wasn't so for me boring. It took me quite a bit of time to finish Chapter One but what a crazy ride!

4. Smugger: I haven't completed this story, yet. But I'm playing her based on who her parents are (Andronikos and my SI) so playing a character that isn't all For the Republic! Who is stuck in Republic space, and so on, Is fun and annoys Corso to no end. I have to say, I do wish romantic options could meet the parents. I would LOVE to see Corso meet Andronikos and Sopheina just for laughs.
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