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02.05.2013 , 10:18 AM | #3
I play DPS almost exclusively (DPS Jugg, leveling an Assassin that I MAY make a tank), and I think that what makes a good tank, is good DPS.

A tank has enough to worry about on their own, especially during boss fights, the last thing they need are the DPS who try and show off that they can pull off the tank and they so uber powerful they need to be guarded; they are the bads of this game.

Try and get in with a guild that can show you the ropes (unless you are already), and ease your way into tanking things, if the DPS screw themselves over in PuG groups, oh well; it's their fault, not yours.

I've off-tanked EC HM in my Rakata set that I've had for some time, so trust me when I say that having the DPS that knows how to throttle and threat drop when they need to means a lot.