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02.05.2013 , 10:12 AM | #1
My hat off to people who play dedicated tanks. I have played mostly dps type classes throughout my mmo history but this time I decided to give a defense tree guardian a try. I am currently level 47 and I just have to say, it has been one of the most frustrating experiences leveling up with this character playing during flashpoints. Trying to get people to follow simple instructions whether it's with crowd control or asking people not to punt mobs away from me, it just seems that people really don't give a crap about trying to play decently.

I just finished a run through the red reaper and I put the whole group on ignore halfway though and toughed it out to finish the flashpoint. I had a commando and a shadow that kept using their punt skill to knock mobs away from me which in turn made it difficult to retain threat. I would mark targets on which to focus attack and they just flat out ignored it and were most likely using tab to target their next mob to attack.

You know that first area in Red Reaper which can be a tough nut if you aren't careful? Well I started out as usual and was trying to clear mobs from the side when the commando decided to just shoot the mobs in the middle which started the big mob spawn and rush. Death followed of course. It just went downhill from there. Even with the sage healer, it seemed she was more concerned with dpsing rather than healing me. I died several more times in some of the big pull areas after burning all of my oh crap cool down abilities and her force bar hardly didnt even have a scratch to it.

There are certain aspects of the old mmos that I miss like from Everquest. The game was very unforgiving of silly mistakes and tended to weed out the silly people fairly quickly. So to all you people who play tanks, thank you and I know exactly how you feel and why some of you give up to go play dps classes instead.