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Thanks guys so is there any way to get collecters edition right now?
Can probably find it on eBay or Amazon or even in some stores. Depends where you live and stuff, or how much you're willing to pay for it.

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Umm, You can buy the Collectors Edition band in-game for 1 million credits if I recall that gives you access to the VIP area if all you want is to purchase the Imperial Soldiers uniform. There isn't really any need to actually buy the Collectors Edition unless you actually want all the physical items that comes with the Collectors Edition that you don't get in the Digital Deluxe edition.
Nonononono. No. The VIP bracelet thing is not the same as getting access to the CE vendor; it only gives access to the VIP lounge. There is a VIP vendor there that sells the ugly Tirsa Prime, but he's not the same vendor as the CE one. DDE and CE does both give the VIP bracelet to all characters, but the bracelet doesn't toggle CE status on your account.

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Just because you're in the VIP lounge doesn't mean that the CE vendor will talk to you, much the same way the Sec Key vendor won't talk to you if you aren't using the security key.
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