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Holy ****.

Grats on clearing the place.

How did you guys deal with the trandoshans phase?
1 tank and 1 MDPS for the two warriors. The only priority is to kill one of the warriors per pack, the other one can stay on the tank and be cleaned up at the end. The trenchcutters can be tanked where ever you like to do it in HM, in our case behind the back leg of the walker.

The key point we found was to minimise damage to the 4 DPS. If they can avoid as much damage as possible, it makes it a lot easier to heal the main tank copping all the trenchcutters, since you're not always having to prioritise between multiple dps and a tank all dropping health at once. It may also be slightly gear dependent, as it's only in the past week or so that we have gotten everyone's gear min-maxed, but it's hard to tell for sure on that point.
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