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@mikebevo. I'm actually (willing to) try(ing) out every class in-game (but I do have a life!!!). I did the same in WoW during the Wotlk days, just so I know what every class and tree is capable of. I have a combat medic commando already. However, I seem to be teamed up with sages more. The last idk how many runs were with sages as healers. Runs with smugglers as healers and commandos went more smoothly or just smooth than with Sages. !
Sage explains a lot. Great healing class, just not great a burst healing, use Resilience in those oh crap moments and give them a chance to get their heals off. With a Sage they will have you back at 100% fast, you just need to buy them a few seconds.

But you're correct sawbones are the best class in the game, healing or anything else. Joking, they are all well balanced, but all have the strenghts and limitations, so it is up to you to know them and help them out the best you can.
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This guy is right. Was going to comment on the Taunt being the 2nd used attack last night but decided to go pass out instead >_>
Right about that, not right about blaming the healer. That is like saying well your rotation is wrong, but no problem blame that healer. It may very well be the healers fault, but I don't know that, more likely it is the group is largely inexperienced with their class, role and/or instances and still need to some work.