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02.04.2013 , 07:24 AM | #35
Well, what bugs me is that people forget that they raid with no more with 7 to 15 team mates at the time and instead of worrying of:
1) improving yourself
2) helping teammates to get better
they worry the crap out of themselves so that XYZ thousands of other players they never meet have it worse.

What also bugs me is that it has been clearly said by BW that it is not a bug or exploit so "no crime without law" but there are still people trying to pin crafters for masses tags of cheaters and exploiters.

The word is not bug, it is not exploit, the proper word is generic business.

What is very funny is the hypocrisy of people complaining about it because:
1) there would never been any problem with generic business if elitist could suck up their greed and kept rigor of using the gear for the internal use only instead trying to make millions on others in the first place
2) people complaining did magically complete very quickly their BiS gears without e.g. weeks of killing EC NiM bosses to get one token with BiS mod in game (belt?).

So, when I get BiS slot with generic = good, when others can got it too = bad. Classic.

Thanks for cheer.