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02.04.2013 , 07:24 AM | #51
So far, from what I've seen...

1: SI
2: BH
3: IA
4: SM
5: JK
6: SW
7: TR
8: JC

As you can see, quite a few ties so far, but I've only gotten SI and BH through Chapter 3, the rest are still Chapter 1 somewhere.

IA starts out the best, but SI and BH have personal moments that just get you sucked in imo.

I cared about Mako and Torian. I wanted to bring down Blood. I do think they could of done more to have you care more about the betrayal in the beginning from Blood sneaking in and killing your team. IF they did that, I think BH storyline would be much more well recieved.

IA may move to #1 spot when I get up higher in levels. But so far, Trooper and JC do feel the most let down for me. With JK and SW being good, but I just prefere the more personal stories, which I think IA, SI, BH, SM are.