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02.04.2013 , 06:21 AM | #34
I am glad they can all be crafted.

Our main healer left the game entirely so we had to get another and get him geared.
I was able to level my sage and get him geared in fairly short order due to this.
I was not cheap, and the entire team had to pitch in but it was doable.

Had they not been craftable I'd have spent forever farming the same content over and over again due to the terrible itemization in the gear sets.

Not Fun.

Thow in the fact that I wanted to use the battlemaster gear for my sage due to the set bonus and I had to get crafted stuff for it. Else i'd lose the set bonus.


suck it up guys, just because someone can craft the gear doesn't diminish your accomplishment one bit.
Hell in my view it's a sterling tribute to your abilities.
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