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02.04.2013 , 02:00 AM | #1
The Warmaster's Double-bladed Lightsaber has a repeatable bug with the displaying of the second blade (the blade issuing from the rear of the hilt emitter)

If you loot a corpse, sit, interact with an item or emote, the second blade vanishes, and can only be fixed by returning the weapon to the belt or by combat ending, if you did not draw the weapon manually (default z key) Basically any animation that is not linked to an ability removes the second blade.

This is easily repeatable, and exceptionally frustrating when playing.

I would'nt normally complain here on the forums about this, but as it is a Cartel Store item, that I spent quite a few cartel coins to obtain I feel it should work in the same fashion as the other dual-bladed lightsabers in the game.

Anyone else experience this? Or did I get a faulty one?