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Hi there!
As posted above, Seraphic Nexus and RtS are the main PvP guilds (I have an itch that RtS is only accepting people Carthy likes, no offence). Notorious Synergy is a very progressive PvE guild but has a strong PvP side. Korvus is also pretty good, social/casual all rounder guild, more PVP as we aren't always on that side. Order of Chaos was a good PvP guild from what I hear but nothing like Cake is Real, not sure of they exist.....however just ask, some may require you based on skill and knowledge and there are some that recruit just for casual play, your choice.
Have fun choosing a nice guild!!
Hahaha... Carthy likes me! Well, liked murdering my little healy when I was actually capable of PVP months and months ago. ;D

I don't think I'd be wanting a PVP guild. I love it, and I've made a new sorc to reacquaint myself and I know that when I DO involve myself I am good at it, but I really am just a casual social pve player and I wouldn't be able to fulfill the PVP requirements.

Hopefully I manage to find somewhere I can fit in, I'm not a /general speaker unless I'm in a mood. I know it's a game and we're basically all anonymous, but, I get nervous and don't want people to hate me! Haha. I've noticed a few people recruiting lately, and I did join one of them to test the waters, but it might as well not even be a guild. 12-18 people on at any time I'm on, no one talks, for hours, ugh. Type something in, no one responds. Such a waste.

Time to keep exploring the guild market.