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Hey there,
I am Kanre I am GM of Friendly Fire who are currently ranked 1 in the world of 16 man. We have cleared all content / farm all content, we have every single res for mods, enhancements, armouring’s, hilts and barrels from new content. We do not mind at all that people can buy these we actually really like it , however we are very pissed at Bioware for allowing people buy our mods ,enhancements , armouring’s , and hilts, barrels and place them in to their gear , this then takes off the crafters name and allows the items to be reversed engineered (witch is totally stupid bioware ) , we feel that to have the right to reverse and sell an item, it should not just bought it off the gtn to get the res. I see this as stealing, and don’t understand how Bioware has not fixed this known bug yet…….., I bet you if you could reverse the shells , of the gear on the cartel market and sell them for creds in the same way it would be fixed in less than a day.
I feel people who have not cleared any of the content let alone stepped foot in it , have these resipys that we worked hard to get …. I do not feel that buying gear is paying to win you earn your credits you should spend them on what you want, however I do feel that bioware is penalising those who work to get the recipes by letting any tom dick or harry revers them off the gtn witch kills the market …… bio ware you wander why you need a credit sinks??? it is because people do this and do not raid to spend the credits on repairs, on consumables. Use your brains plz …. And fix this

From kanre
This I agree with 100 %

My guild has been farming Terror HM for a long time, I was the first on my server to be able to craft Resolve Armoring 27, I sold 5-6 on gtn then suddenly was there another able to craft it, who not only almost certainly had learned it from me but also lowered the price of the armoring by setting it out for 400k less then me. Within a week was there 15+ able to craft the armoring and the price had been lowered by over 1 million.

Its not about the money I lose but about the fact that I spent hundreds of thousands if not millions of credits on repairs and consumables to be able to learn to craft that armoring, someone buying it from gtn should not be able to learn to craft it...

It dont care if people choose to gear up their chars by buying the armoring, mods and enhancements, it how I have geared up several alts, but only people that has "earned" it should be able to craft them.