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The actual problem is that the Dread Guard gear is so horribly terribly awfully optimized that some pieces are so bad you dont actually want either mod enhancement or armoring from it so in order to fully gear yourself you have to get the same item over and over because its the only one with the enhancement or mod you want.

For example on my Jedi Sentinel the hazmat implats that arent endurance heavy comes with a lot of crit, to offset this i need power mods but unfortunately the ONLY piece of gear that comes with the mod i want is the belt. So i need to get the belt drop like 8 times, great.
Thats where the problem really lies and its not like everyone can afford to fully 63 gear themselves, its a lot of stabilizers which incidently drop in tfb and ec anyway.

So if they remove the ability to have gear crafted for you they need to make the actual gear that drops better.. a lot better.
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