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I've run KP many times through GF only had one group that wiped to the HC droid, and then it was only once (learned and went clean after that). Must have had a really odd group if you wipe that much there
obviously this guy hasn't been in KP enough. Doesn't matter if it's your guild run, filling in for some one in a guild run, a pug run, or a gf run. More than 80% of the time someone is going to pull one of those rooms. If not multiple times in a row on some runs. It happens and even the best of us do it sometimes.

But to the OP.. Horror story... Red Reaper; tank pulls wirst pack off to the left(which was fine was still waiting for one dps). Other dps joins and attacks the middle(large) mob. I'm healing and i die in about 5 seconds, rez quick cause it right there, bang dead, this happened to me about 10-15 times in a 90 second period. Then the tank as at low HP and spamming in chat I NEED HLZS!!!!! I responded with me too, i'm tanking 12 mobs over here. I'm still not sure why i kept rezzing myself or why i bothered to stay.