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Unfortunately not that well. Puzzle bosses tend to thwart extremely undermanned runs.

The minefield is just plain impossible with 3 people. We can't spare the healer to man the tower because the probes actually deal a lot of damage and we can't spare any damage dealer as it is already a challenge to beat the probe enrage with 2 (3850 DPS requirement).

We can 4-man it though, with someone in the tower pushing buttons...

Also thought of 3-manning TfB but again the puzzle boss is impossible so it's a bit discouraging We may try EV NiM or something similar.

Sentinels are fine as they are! Proof:

Go nerf scounderls!
We should join forces sometime and do someting REALLY crazy ^^

Its too bad the puzzle cant be 3manned.. i suspect we'll run into similar problems on the fabricator in KP :P Provided we get past Jarg & Sorno..
Anyway Toth & Zorn and the tanks kill is impressive, nice work!
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