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My biggest beef with the romances in this game is summed up with this post I made for Tumblr:

"Was thinking earlier about the SWTOR romance options…
The guys get the aliens. We get…one.


JK Male: Kira (human female padawan), Female: Doc (human male)
JC Male: Nadia (alien female padawan), Female: Iresso (human male) Taran (human male)
TR Male: Elara (human female), Female: Aric (alien male)
SM Male: Risha (human female) Akaavi (alien female), Female: Corso (human male)


SW Male: Vette (alien female) Jaesa (human female apprentice), Female: Quinn (human male) Pierce (human male)
SI Male: Ashara (alien female apprentice), Female: Andronikos (human male)
BH Male: Mako (human female with cyborg implants), Female: Torian (human male)
IA Male: Kaliyo (alien female) Temple (human female) Female: Vector (human male that has been affected by alien hive mind)

So…here’s what we have…one actual alien for us women (vector doesn’t really count as he is stil human) and the guys get five.


They also get ALL of the padawans/apprentices as LIs while we do not.

3 classes, the guys get two options. We don’t, actually. Because our “second” option in two classes are only one night stands.

…..what the hell Bioware? You think us women don’t like us some alien ***? Or that we may want an extra option when say….a companion tries to kill you?


You better fix this soon. Either with new companions, or taking some of the non-romancable companions (*cough*GAULT/LORD SCOURGE*cough*) and making them LIs at a later point in the story."

I LOVED Quinn however, even despite things later in the story. Niko was ok, a little dry, but not bad. I watched the Torian romance on youtube and just find that way too dull for my BH (she wants Gault dammit!!). Haven't gotten Vector yet, haven't even reached the romance with Aric, and everyone else...still have yet to get to. Corso I *********** hated. Just no.

But...for us women, we have some ****** options. And no aliens outside Aric. The ****? I've heard far more positive things from male players about their options than bad, though I have heard of some issues with them as well, but we kind of got shafted (no pun intended).

It's why I would so DEARLY LOVE IT if BW, in a future story content update, would make some the non-human and late companions LIs. You're characters have already become friends or partners, or at least respect has been gained between toon and companion that a future romance with them could be likely.