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I'm calling this one out. I'm not going to ask how you managed to defeat 4 of them, but if you watch the video, there are two issues with you "winning" this encounter.
(emphasis mine)
Apparently there are 3 issues
1. The Infernal Council requires you to defeat ALL 8 Sith Lords. You only beat 4. Not finished.

2. You are only allowed to defeat one of them at a time, and normally you can only defeat one. The fact that you attacked the Sith the healer was fighting and beat it means there is something wrong with your encounter. You are only allowed ONE hit on someone else's fight during the Infernal Council fight. They are immune to you after that one hit.
1. Not sure if serious, sorry.
2. To clarify: any ability that does damage to the sith someone else is already attacking or any heal that heals someone other than yourself will place a debuff on you that reduces all outgoing damage to 0 and lasts one minute. Pacify doesn't do any damage so you don't get the debuff.

3. Waking them all up/aggroing them will cause you to wipe because there is no way for you attack all of them. The mechanics of the encounter do not allow for it. I seen that you did not wake all of them up, but the timer ran out, therefore you did not finish it in a 2 man fight. Look where it says that the "Time to face your destiny has expired". That means the entire encounter has reset.
The encounter had indeed reset once. It was our first try (vid is from second try) and I wasn't sure our (my) dps would be high enough to beat the timer. Sages don't have as high single target dps as sentinels, but overall dps can be boosted significantly if they use aoe attacks and dots on multiple targets. So i tried that . I believed you only get the debuff if you attack a sith that is already aggroed by someone else, but it turned out you also get it by engaging more than one at a time. Lesson learned

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Very well done! Congratulations!
Thanks! How is Colonel Vorgath 3man going?
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