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I'm calling this one out. I'm not going to ask how you managed to defeat 4 of them, but if you watch the video, there are two issues with you "winning" this encounter.

1. The Infernal Council requires you to defeat ALL 8 Sith Lords. You only beat 4. Not finished.

2. You are only allowed to defeat one of them at a time, and normally you can only defeat one. The fact that you attacked the Sith the healer was fighting and beat it means there is something wrong with your encounter. You are only allowed ONE hit on someone else's fight during the Infernal Council fight. They are immune to you after that one hit.

3. Waking them all up/aggroing them will cause you to wipe because there is no way for you attack all of them. The mechanics of the encounter do not allow for it. I seen that you did not wake all of them up, but the timer ran out, therefore you did not finish it in a 2 man fight. Look where it says that the "Time to face your destiny has expired". That means the entire encounter has reset.

I'm not sure what you did, but you definitely didn't beat the Infernal Council.
1.4 mobs each.. simple mathematics.
2. Pacify doesnt count as an attack by the looks of it.
3. They don't wake up until they are attacked

Also very nice job with this pel was telling me about it yday
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