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Look at WoW, their group finder for ALL RAIDS is more than popular. Why would it be different in SWTOR?
I would be for BioWare fixing SM EC (back to before Nerf) and putting everything on Group Finder, just don't put any of the operations on random. You would have to specify which operations you want to do and get that one only.

I would never use it except with a full group, but I have no problem with them doing it. I just like to enter a operation with a reasonable expectation that everyone in the group can handle the mechanics, understand their class, can follow the group leaders instructions and have a basic concept that the entire group is important . The social side is just as important as the story side. You want to see the story, I do not want to play with players that say nothing and then need everything when they are not pulling their weight being carried by the group. Don't take that wrong, I will take a friendly person that is trying through anything up to their level and level of gear when the rest of the group is viable enough to carry them, but unfriendly greedy people that thinks the group owes them, then I pass on carrying them.

You also have no concept of my guild or many of the guilds that we are aligned, we have many people that have real life commitments, just don't join a progression guild or a progression group within a casual guild. We do fun runs, comm runs and have even scheduled operations at very weird hours because one person wanted to see a instance but lived in a different country and had a very random work schedule.