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01.29.2013 , 01:11 PM | #17
I looked up how much the mats cost at the GTN for the exotech fortitude stim (since even if you get them yourselves - you still spend time doing this whereas you could've used the time to do something else, like dailies) and I costs about 16 to 22k to make one. One. So, for how much do most people sell them? For 16k. The horrors when I actually saw someone selling them for 12k.. seriously? Now I made a bunch of those stims and sit on them because I refuse to sell them for 16k, might as well give them to friends or something.
But I personally think the cost is totally fine. Sure, I'm annoyed when I don't get any radioactive pastes from missions, since they are ridiculously expensive on the GTN, but it's not like everyone else can get their stabis or something around every corner, right?