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I believe it was a developer discussion forum debacle not long after the game launched. Apparently there was a huge (and predictable) argument about how Star Wars should be some kind of bastion of morality (hah) and in the discussion of same gender relationships one of the devs tried to be clever and say, 'There are no gays in Star Wars,' presumably with the aim of stimulating conversation by making people go, 'What? There are no gays in Star Wars? What do you mean?' which would be a valid conversational tactic on a considerably less heated matter so it backfired. Board exploded with vicious arguments and they shut the topic thread down immediately after.

I don't have any links to back that up, though; I'm working on hearsay. If someone actually read it or, better still, can link to it I'd appreciate that enormously.
It was not even a developer, but the community manager who made this statement. I remember that back in the day all EA boards had rather strict obscenity filters. E.g. the Sims3 boards censored the German word for pregnancy because it contains the letters w,a,n and g in that order.