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This may be a noob question as this is my first MMO. I am at level 80 armormech and cannot seem to get any higher, I craft new items based on the schematics I have and I reverse engineer but no matter what I craft ( heavy, medium, light etc..) I do not get any more skill. Same thing when I reverse engineer, is there something I am missing or something more with the skill that I just haven't discovered? Your help in this matter is much appreciated as I have maxed out my other crew skils.
You need to craft higher-level items that require more skill and more advanced materials to craft. If a recipe is gray, that means it's too "easy" for you to learn anything from. You need to craft recipes that are orange, yellow, or green to gain points. You learn the most crafting orange recipes.

If all your current recipes are gray, that means you need to buy additional recipes from the crew skill trainer. There's a crew skill trainer on fleet for each crew skill. There are also some crew skill trainers on various planets, including Nar Shadaa, your capital world, Tatooine, and others.

I don't think you advance your skill level from reverse engineering.
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