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Its actually kind've funny, in an ironic sort of way, how all the stereotypes and generalizing done by anyone playing the game is done 'because' of the way things have been handled. My mind keeps going back to Skyrim, because its part of a series that I always enjoyed, it was never one of my favorites but the games were reasonably fun, and when I played the most recent version I had no idea that they had romances at all (none of the previous ones did), much less that my female character could marry a female NPC. Thats because it wasn't a big deal, you could romance anybody you wanted, it made things easier for the programmers and more fun for the players, it was a win-win for everybody. The fact that they took the exact opposite approach in SWTOR is the reason why people are complaining way more about way less now. In Skyrim, literally every romancable NPC's sexual preference was whatever you wanted it to be. Nobody complained, because everybody had things their own way. Here, all the NPC's were set to straight-only, and now suddenly they're adding a certain number (higher or lower than 2 we dont even know) who aren't straight-only, and it generates controversy. There would've been no controversy if it had been done Skyrim/DA style all along, people would've realized that everybody was getting exactly what they wanted, and it wouldnt have been a big deal. If they finally came out and announced 'We're going to give everyone what they want, we're going the Skyirim/DA2 route from here on in' and let us romance all the characters that everybody else can already romance, there'd be a day or two where a few people would complain, then it'd be back to business as usual, that would be the end of it. Instead they're dragging this whole thing out, little by little, pretty much manufacturing and then maximizing the controversy, all while giving us about as little as they possibly can, for no logical reason whatsoever. It's long past time that they finally did the right, and logical, thing and brought the romances up to the Skyrim/DA standards, its easy enough to do, and everybody wins.
Not every NPC in Skyrim is amenable to marriage (notice I said marriage, not romance - honestly there's no romance to speak of in the game*). In fact, only a select number of NPCs are available, and those are all "Amulet of Mara"-sexual. As far as I can remember, all of the paired NPCs you see are heterosexual, though. The implication of the way marriages work in Skyrim is that there are a lot more bisexual people there than there are on Earth, but the majority are still heterosexual. Nords, in particular, take a practical approach to romance and marriage, and will take it where they can get it due to the harsh nature of the land - at least that was my understanding of the in game explanation (though I suppose it could just be that the Dragonborn him/herself is an extra special snowflake that everyone's attracted to). I don't think the other races outside of Skyrim would be quite like that, if Skyrim's dweller's seeming propensity towards bisexuality is not just extra special Dragonborn pheromones, though it is possible to play whatever race (of Tamriel) you like in Skyrim and marry in the fashion of the Nords.

* Except

(Lastly, people did kick up a stink about gay marriage in Skyrim - it might not have been as loud as the protests over SWTOR, but I think that has to do with the IP SWTOR is based on more than the way the romances were/are going to be implemented. Skyrim wasn't immune to criticism by conservatives/right wing nuts/family values/religious fundamentalists/homophobic idiots just because it was handled in such a subdued/no fuss manner. These same people made a big fuss over DA2 too... And I'm sure they did over DA:O. And even the ME series copped it.)
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