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01.28.2013 , 02:24 AM | #51
Am I the only one to think it strange to have so much discussion over same gender romance but no mention of inter-species romance? Why should one be such a big thing while the other passes unnoticed?

As romance can be ignored (just don't pick flirt), why not make every option available? Oh, yes, aside from popularity, there's legality. Except that this is fiction, so doing whatever within a game isn't the same as doing whatever in real life. So why not make every option available, if the relevant (flirt) conversation choices are picked, because all the animations are the same, you just need the voiceovers? m/m m/f f/f human/wookie human/droid (!)

I'm only starting, of course. My opinions might differ once I've played more and seen what unfolds. Which options I've picked so far depend entirely on the character and my imagined personality for him or her. My rather proper and very dedicated female Jedi never flirts. My male smuggler flirts with anything female (much to the amusement of my RL partner). If I ever play a character who would go for same-gender romance, then it'd be nice to have that option available. Maybe I'm odd in trying to roleplay on a roleplay server in a multiplayer roleplaying game, though...