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01.27.2013 , 11:53 PM | #8
Hi i was wondering if you were still recruiting for raid groups.Im a Marauder with majority of my gear being BH with full augments and rakata lvl main hand and offhand. Im looking to do hm tfb and hm ec then whatever beyond that. im available during the weekend at whatever time. Im also looking to pvp some to learn the ropes of that and eventually get ewh gear. I have done HM TFB 4/5 and Sm EC 2/4 only weekly. im a little rusty on HM TFB only ran a few times. This is also my only 50 so im trying to gear him with BIS so i can run the hardest content with a Solid guild.
Im on the Jedi Covenant server on the imperial side name is Onasty. Either send in game mail or whisper me.
Thanks =)