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I never did understand the rampant Kaliyo hate. She amuses the heck out of me. To each his own, I guess.

For me, the worst out of the ones I've gone through so far would be:

Xalek - The most useless, weak excuse of a Companion ever. There is absolutely no point to his character, you get him before the LAST planet in your story, his personal missions are ridiculously shallow and, to add insult to injury, he's a lousy, Light armored tank. Because of this guy Inquisitors don't even get a ranged tank. Horrendous waste.

Broonmark - Almost ties Xalek for dullness. Beyond the missions where you first recruit him he has basically no story and gives no real reason why the Sith Warrior should even accept him as a member of the crew.

Yuun - Once again, an alien character with basically no story to speak of. Initially interesting, he fades into the background after you recruit him and simply becomes Gand Culture Guy. Still, there's a lot more justification for his presence given than there is for Broonie and Bone Face.

Skadge - I haven't even recruited him yet and I'm already prejudiced against him...

Companions they SHOULD have given us instead: Thana Vesh, Sergeant Jaxo, Apprentices Kaal and / or Corinn, Anuli, etc...
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