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Is synthweaving really worth it? I just started a new JK and I have a full set of orange gear. Is it worth it for me to get synthweaving for the augments and orange gear (which I'll only use a few times in my entire crafting career, although maybe for my companions)?

I looked at the GTN for augment schematics and the prices for Augment 22s are really low, but the price for everything else is terribly high and not worth it (50k for a rank 2 augment schematic, when the price of the finished ones are below or near 1000).

What are the other options for a tank Jedi Guardian? I have a Consular (also a low level, still have a chance to restart crafting skills) with Artifice and a Smuggler with Cybertech (would rather not change that).

So tl;dr my questions:
1. Besides synthweaving, what are the best options for JK tank guardian?
2. Would switching to Biochem from Cybertech on a Gunslinger and rolling Cybertech with a Vanguard be better? (keeping my tank companion alive)
3. What are your suggestions for republic-side crafting for each class? (Guardian tank, Sage healer, Vanguard (?) and Gunslinger dps

Much appreciated.
- Pingonaut