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I Lol'ed
I can go on Cynthweaving and Underground Skill missions with no fuss
That aside....

I think the Op is thinking that the items get crafted immediately.

As a previous poster replied, items take time for your companions to craft them. 59s means it takes your companion 59 seconds to create said item.

Since I'm guessing the Op is new to Swtor crafting I'll also add..
To get the Blue (called Prototype) schematic for a Green (called Premium) quality item, you need to Reverse Engineer ( Melt it - known as RE. RE'ing in game ).

The chances you'll get a Blue quality schematic is 20%, which also means you have a 80% change not to get a schematic.
Reverse Engineering to get the next tier schematic is PURE LUCK, and you could RE 50 items and get no schematics one day, while you be could really lucky another time and RE ONE item and get a schematic.

If you want to make loads of credits with Syntheweave, you'll need to RE the Greens to get Blues, and then RE the Blues to get Purple schematics, and sell the Purple items. (RE'ing Blues to Purples will probably make you poor :P unless you have a high level character to fund your crafting )
Let just say, since any Syntheweaver can craft Green items, Green items don't sell at all.
Blue items sell so, so if you don't be greedy and set reasonable prices.
Purple items, you can charge what you want unless you have competition.

For example, on my Syntheweaver, I craft Purple level 15 light armor Robe called "Vehemence Savant Vestments" and usually sell them for 9,000 credits ( price is different depending on your server ) and they sell very well.

Since I gather all the materials myself, my cost to craft this Purple Robe is ONLY 100 credits
(Materials needed : Lost Artifact Fragment x6 , Rubat Crystal x4, Purple Cyrene Silk x2, Fibrous Nylite Solution x2 )
The 100 credits is for the 2 Fibrous Nylite Solutions purchased from the Crewskill vendor.

Profit = 9,000 minus 6% for GTN fee, minus 100 credits = 8,360 credits
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