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01.26.2013 , 08:03 AM | #58
I just love the Imperial Agent ship. Looks a bit like a Naboo Ship. Sly and smooth and fast... I just love it.

Personally I would have preferred if the interiour was a bit larger - with enough room for all the people to actually live there for a couple of days whenever they have to. In many cases for soemthing that has to be compact I find the interior design excessively wastefu, especially the Jedi ship. A giant central room that spreads over several decks and no other purpose than reaching other rooms seems unreasonable on such a ship.
The designers who created it should be condemned to watch "Das Boot" three times in full length.

There is no ship that admire as much as the design of the Normandys from Mass Effect. Of course the ships are much smaller and tied to the Star Wars theme so it's not a fair comparison.