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To the OP. what server are you on? I under stand due to time constraints you might have a difficult time finding a group. But I have to ask, are you in a guild or have made friends? When I was first learning end game content I would go with the guild or ask friends if I could go with their guild to learn a new op. usually they were helpful, sometimes it did not work out. I realize that GF is a handy tool but I don't think a GF PUG is the best solution for you. It's a MMO, so hit up some friends and get them to take you along
Being in a raid guild is not suitable for me, been playing wow for 5 years in raid guild got me fed up. I just cant make my weekly schedule around raid times anymore, its too pressing on real life and feels like a job. Same with friends - all of them I know in game are not interested in raiding and/or are in same position as I am - they just dont want/cant schedule thier life around guild raid times. Thats why GF is perfect - raid when you want to. Thats also the reason why I still got wow sub - I log on twice a week, do all 3 raids and Im happy. Otherwise I would close my sub and say goodbye to wow.