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Holy cow!
To the OP and everyone else...
SW:ToR is literally the first MMO I've played. I found the mechanics of playing an MMO very daunting at first and I had one million questions (exaggeration for effect).
I kept at it though and I listened to everyones advice and opinions as we embarked on this new game together. I've been playing since beta. I got to play one beta weekend.
It took me a long time to level my first character, I made a lot of mistakes and bad decisions because of my noobness. I was definitely a 'baddie' back then.
Tenacity and perseverance won out in the end because now I have two 50's (one Republic and one Empire).
I'm working on a total of 6 pubs and 6 imps.
The game definitely doesn't 'cheat'. There have been a lot of things that needed fixing since beta, but most things have been fixed and the game is better for it. All these updates they've been doing have been great and I look forward to the expansion.
This is a challenging game at first, but when you take the time to learn it, study it, know it, then it becomes fun!
Quitting and starting a new character all the time starts a vicious frustrating cycle. It is self destructive behavior.
Let yourself level a character all the way to 50. Feel the accomplishment. If you never finish anything, you can never feel the joy of accomplishing something worth while.
Finish what you start in game and in real life. That is good advice for everyone.
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