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01.25.2013 , 08:57 AM | #49
I have every craft maxed on a raid toon. However the most powerful by far is Biochem. Now consider...

Armormech makes rakata bracer/belt. Gotten from plenty of ops fairly easy and easily replaced just doing dailies for BH comms.

Synthweaving same as Armormech. Easily replaced and outdone for rakata bracer/belt.

Artifice makes *rakata* relics which are of the poorer quality types. Easily replaced as well along with many would rather use a columni proc and a matrix cube anyways.

Cybertech makes re-usable grenades, can only use 1 per cooldown even if made them all. The use of them is fairly useless as far as it goes.

Armstech makes gun type weapons of lower quality that are lessor then tionese. Utter crap.

Biochem makes resuable medpacs and reusable stims of solid quality. Save a fortune on having to buy medpacs on GTN or craft replacements and same for stims.

The ONLY one that is actually useful endgame is Biochem. Everything else is pretty much worthless as it goes for their *rakata* quality speciality..

Far as making money only 1 craft endgame makes something wanted and needed without having some RE'd top quality item. That is Biochem. You sell medpacs, you sell stims, people are always buying. However its not the crafts problem so many choose it and craft to compete on market prices. Its because Biochem is so very useful above any others. Hence why it actually needs a nerf.