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I have tanked in alot of MMOs and been tanking on my Jugg alot in swtor pre 50. In my flashpoints Im getting alot of healers that throw a couple heals and "try" to dps. Half the time Im struggling just to live poping all my cool downs and meds while I see the stupid healer attacking mobs and I have to spend all my time trying to get the aggro off them. Its making tanking 3xs harder than it should be and a chore.

I just wanted to ask if healers are expected to dps in flashpoints? Im getting alot more healers attacking all the mobs than I do in other MMOs.

Wanted to check before I start opening my mouth. Its driving me insane.
This may not relate to you specifically but on the whole the lower level FPs and Heroics can really suck for a healer -- between poor tanks, poor dps, poor CC and poorly geared players.

While I think a healer should focus on healing and staying alive (both attention and energy points) I've been in groups were my (appreciable, but not sustained) DPS was more effective than healing to help eliminate the aggro that I struggled to keep healing at lower level. Say when an enemy is close to dead, especially.

Also, I don't know if some might be generating Tactical Advantage (which provides more heals) by using Shiv -- which isn't the way I approach it in PvE but it could be another reason.

Otherwise, it could be people not playing their role, which is too common. I have had the same problem as the OP repeatedly with my Guardian -- not getting heals for whatever reason. Though sometimes the healer is incapacitated and no one is defending him/her.

Also, too, if you're going to be the primary tank... say something. It's amazing how often that isn't established. As in "If you want me to draw aggro, I need regular heals."

P.S. Advise the uniformed healer to concentrate on cc if they are bored and have energy to waste. Also, if people rush and get out of the healer's LoS, that's partly their fault.

In any case, I don't think the majority really appreciates the roles in full and the tactical POV until you play both tank and healer.