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01.25.2013 , 05:29 AM | #54
The most annoying approach by an NPC I've seen so far was towards a female Jedi Knight by Doc and I am bloody sure that there was a single one flirt line I ever clicked. And even though I don't picture my jedi knight as gay, nor as interested in aliens (non-Chiss from her perspective), I would have loved the option to snog Kira at this instance just to annoy Doc. Kissing folks who are (like) your brother - or your sister - just to annoy another is not unheard of in Star Wars after all. So I swallowed my pride, told myself "think of the influence rating - game stats matter" and said "Oh, as I a Jedi Knight my oaths forbid to give into such emotions", translating into my characters actual intention: "Not of the persistance of the universe depended on it!"