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01.24.2013 , 11:12 AM | #5527
Quote: Originally Posted by Nydus View Post
Pondering an idea? The poster indicated that "[They'd] like to see representation...".
Well, "I'd like to see representation of" doesn't equal "I want it in the game and you better make it tomorrow, Bioware.".

I know it's hard to grasp, since most often when people utter the words "I'd like to see xyz" on these boards it often enough means "I want it in now and don't care about anything or anyone else". Not in this case though.

As much as I'd like to delve into the topic of implementation of transgender themes or chars into SWTOR, as it would be a topic I'm certainly interested in, this would be for another thread, not this one. This is for SGR, and while we were pondering an idea and exchanging a few thoughts on that matter, it doesn't mean this should be the thread where it's gonna be discussed.

Feel free to open one, and I'll glady join you in discussion there.